Steeljp Katana Purple

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What a beautiful purple shell jewelry it is! it has a beautiful legend, there is the legend on the purple shells. Once upon a time, It is said there is a handsome prince, the princewanna seeking the love of his life, so he had made a pact with thewitch.So witch gave him a purple shell and told him that another ownerwho has the other purple shell is his perfect lover in his life.As aresult, the Prince take the purple shells, embark on the road thatlooking for his love.Along the way, there are many women who covet richand wealthy holding a fake purple shells to find the Prince.In fact,the Prince was so clear, The really a pair of purple shell willtogether once if you stitching them, and it will become a beautifulheart-shaped. Prince is very distressed,because the predestined lover never showed up.Until one day, A femalebeggars who wearing a dirty skirt knock on the door of the prince, shevowed that she is his destined lover.Puzzled Prince took the purpleshells from the hands of female beggars, he carefully stitching themtogether, the results of two shells fit together perfectly and the twopurple shells became a complete heart-shaped.Purple Shell emit brightlight.Instant the dirty dress became a gorgeous dress, and the femalebeggar became a beautiful princess.Then, The beautiful princess and theprince have lived a happy life ever since. Until the old, we neverseparated. To this day, purple shells is notonly represents the perfect love, but also contains great love,faithful love and the courage to chase the real love .Therefore, aslong as finding the purple shell, then the man who has the other purpleshell is your fate prince. To find your pretty purple shell,Please visit . wholesale jewelry online.It offers all kinds of handmade jewelry . It contain the shell necklace,shell bracelet,shell earrings.Pleaseenter your sole discount coupon code (Ay9902) when submit order atAYpearl. Then you can enjoy the special discount.

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