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The Best Wood Flooring To Incorporate into Your House

When constructing or renovating your home, you might want to give special consideration to the flooring you will have installed. On entering a house, the flooring is one of its most eye-catching sights. And as you live with it, flooring can offer you years of pleasure from a beautiful and warm environment.

In addition to the usual types of domestic wood flooring, primarily oak, you may like to consider exotic wood flooring which comes in a wide variety of exotic woods. Besides being available in many species, exotic wood flooring also comes in many colors and patterns not found in domestic woods. Exotic woods are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. But one of their most important characteristics is that they are unusually hard and, consequently, very durable.

There are many types of exotic woods. Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba has a tight grain and texture very like mahogany. Santos Mahogany, also from South America, has a reddish brown color and is very hard. Brazilian Moabi varies in color from light brown to gray brown to pinkish white. It will darken a little over time but won’t significantly change color. Tigerwood is orange-red brown or a deep red-brown. It has occasional brown or black stripes which give it its name and an overall fine grain that can be straight or wavy. South American Pearwood or Timborana can begin as light golden in color but age to gold or reddish pink with some burgundy. The type of finish determines how much its color will change.

Other types of
exotic plank flooring
are Peruvian Acacia, Peruvian Olivewood, and Cumaru (BrazilianTeak). Brazilian Walnut or Ipe is almost as hard as cement. Because it has such a strong resistance to moisture, it can be used for outdoor decking or veneer. Sambawood, Santa Maria, and Angelim Pedra are products of the South American rainforest. Also found in the Brazilian rainforest is the Tatajuba exotic wood which grows faster than most hardwoods, making it one of the better buys. From Australia come the Spotted Gum that has a variety of interesting grain patterns. Also from Australia are the Jarrah, and the Cypress which varies in color from cream of the sapwood to honey gold to brown from the heartwood with dark knots for interest. Exotic wood flooring made of Tiete Rosewood from Paraguay or Brazil is salmon pink in color and reddens slightly as it ages.

Teak, from Southeast Asian plantations, is one of the most interesting exotic wood floors. The color of this type of wood varies according to where it comes from in the tree. If you choose to go with the sapwood, the color will turn from white to pale yellow. On the other hand, with the heartwood, the floor will generally start as a dark gold brown and will darken as it ages and is exposed to light. Teak has a reputation for a high resistance to decay and termite attacks. The oil secreted from this wood has been reported as a good natural insect repellant. Buyers should be aware, however, that the younger trees harvested in plantations has less of this oil and do not offer the same resistance.

As an exotic wood, bamboo has many appealing features. It is two times the hardness of oak, some with as high a Janka hardness rating of 5000 lbs. The large moso tree matures in only 6 years compared to the 60 years for many oak trees, and after harvesting, the plant regrows itself.

Exotic woods
of course, bring a concern for the depletion of the rainforests. Some distributors, however, work with suppliers to practice sustainably managed forests. In these practices no wood is harvested by clearcutting a forest. Only a few trees are cut from each acre, sometimes only one or two. Transporting the logs is done on rivers, without building roads for hauling. Mature trees of the species being cut must be left to help with regrowth, and there is not to be any logging in the same area for a minimum of 15 years.

Exotic wood flooring
can be found in both solid wood planks and engineered ones. Solid wood has the advantage of being able to be refinished many times. It is not recommended, though, for applications over concrete slabs or in below-grade rooms.

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