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Advanced Fingerprint Lock Brings Your House an Extremely High Security

Have you ever encounter the situation that one day when you went off the work and went back home, and then you found your house stolen?

In order to anti-theft, all kinds of burglarproof doors and burglar-resisting locks sprang up like mushrooms, which confuse the consumers. To help customers a smart choice, ePathChina recommends a perfect effective antitheft lock.

The recommended security lock is a fingerprint door lock, which adopts advanced fingerprint technology whose uniqueness of fingerprints and non-replication determines the fingerprint lock is the lock in the most secure of all kinds of locks.

1. 3D sensor

This keyless lock handle is fixed for right hand use when installed 3D fingerprint sensor which is used by the Swedish Defense Agency and the top 4 banks in China Included in the installation kit are a set of 2 mechanical keys.

2. Great Convenience

Installation is so easy that anyone can install one in under 30 minutes. The fingerprint safe can be installed on any wood or metal doors that are industry standard 35-50mm thick, and it uses standard sized strike plate and latch

Besides, fingerprint ID is the ultimate in convenience. No more rummaging through your purse or pockets for your keys, no more changing of the locks after suspicious activity from house workers. All you need to do is slide the protective cover up and place your finger on the sensor for authorized access to a room.

3. High security

Compared to the traditional locks, because of using the superior technology, the electronic lock enjoys extremely high security. The fingerprint security comes with a false rejection rate (FRR) of 0.1% as well as a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.001%. In addition, its verification and comparison Time needs only 1 second. All the described above will give a strong sense of security without worrying about stolen any more.

4. Multi-unlock ways

Except for fingerprints unlock, electric lock share another two open Lock modes: password ID and mechanical key.

The finger print lock comes with a numeric keypad. It means you can set a serious of number for password. When you want open the lock, you just need to press the set password to go into the house.

Moreover, the fingerprint lock equipped with covered mechanical key hole and spare keys. You can also unlock the door like the conventional locks. Furthermore, you can lock the door with triple protection; in this case, your home is perfectly safe even if your family take a long time journey.

The fingerprint and code security door lock is very suitable for home or small office users. Furthermore, its all metal casing with electroplated gold color finish gives people a sense of noble and elegant.

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