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Indian Cinema - Bollywood’s Influence in the Film Industry

Bollywood is what was formerly known as Hindi movies and the largest producer of film in India as well as the world. The name is a derivation of Hollywood and Bombay and originated in the 1970s. The difference between Bollywood and Hollywood is that Bollywood is not a real location. When you get a glimpse of Bollywood you will see it has overtaken America as a producer of film.

Hindi movies have been produced since the 1910’s with silent movies. Production reached more than two hundred films in the 1930’s. Tollywood, as it was known in the nineteen thirties, was the first reference to Hollywood associated to the Hindi movies. When the center of the film industry moved to Bombay was when the nomenclature Bollywood came to be. When you take a glimpse of Bollywood films from the early days they tended to be escapist movies. In the 1930’s and 40’s with the depression, the Indian independence movement, and World War II made these types of indian cinema popular. But, there were a few filmmakers who used the social issues as plots for their Hindi movies.

The Golden Age of Bollywood was from the 1940’s to 60’s when some of the most critically acclaimed Hindi movies were produced. Some of these films include: Kaagaz Ke Phool, Pyaasa, Awaara and Shree. These indian cinema films showed a glimpse of Bollywood that took on the social issues of the day as well as working class people in India. These indian cinema films represented life in India as both a dream and a nightmare. In the 1950’s Hindi movies experienced the Parallel Cinema movement led by Bengali cinema. This movement paved the way for neorealism in Indian film. Filmmakers of this era include: Govind Nihalani, Mani Kaul, Ketan Mehta, Kumar Shahani, Vijaya Nehta and Shyam Benegal. In the 1960’s Hindi movies participated in the Cannes Film Festival competitions.

In more modern times the glimpse of Bollywood is still seen in Hindi movies. In the 1980’s and 1990’s romantic musicals and family-centric films were successfully produced and distributed by Bollywood. Today the popularity of indian cinema films produced by Bollywood is successful around the world. There are a number of productions house that produce a numerous modern Bollywood films today. Indian cinema films have an appeal that is popular worldwide. The focus on appealing to a general audience versus targeting specific target markets has made these films successful.

Bollywood films have influenced films made in the west, especially musicals. Their popularity has actually helped in the revival of musicals in America and a film genre. Moulin Rouge! Is an example of a film that was inspired by musicals produced in Bollywood. This influence went on to help create appeal for other films that include: Rent, Chicago, The Producers, Sweeney Todd, Mamma Mia! The Phantom of the Opera, and Across the Universe. Bollywood music has also been an influence in popular music all over the world. The glimpse of Bollywood is seen in both movies and music that has gained popularity all over the world.

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