Sword Battlegrade Sharp

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Chevrolet New Captiva DVD Navigation/Sharp high definition digital screen/Full ipod control/Bluetoot

        Made by a world-famous manufacturer in China, guaranteed high quality. Dual core CPU, fast processing speed. 7 inch TFT sharp high-definition digital LCD screen, 800*480 resolutions, 2.65million Pels Supports iPod full function control ( Below there is a list of iPod supported ) Perfectly match your original car: CHEVROLET NEW CAPTIVA Supports CD disc Changer, steering wheel control, USB, TF card Dual zone: Enjoy music while navigation You can make handsfree calls or listen to music through bluetooth TPMS & built-in DVB-T digital TV function are optional (You have to pay extra money) Orange and blue menu can be chosen according to your own preferences. Surround Sound Options available (Stadium, Cinema, Studio, Disco)      Supports All famous GPS maps       Backseat Entertainment: The front passengers and the back in the same car can appreciate different programs with the same super-visual enjoyment. Support various multidisc box: Support all kinds of 6/8/10 disc changer box (like Sanyo, Sharp, etc.). Strong compatibility. Completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A/V multimedia formats 1. completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A/V multimedia formats 2. Fourchannel outputs, built-in 4 〗 45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting aperfect audio and video quality, The sound combining with scene cangive you a surprising surround stereoscopic feeling! 3. displayand multifunctional mode. You can enjoy DVD play at the same timerunning the GPS system, the display is fluent, bright and exquisite,the brightness and contrast is harmony. Convulsed timbre and enjoy all your journey! Auto-memory function As you must stop the DVD or CD display to switch other interface,auto-memory function will keep the currently information, as you backentertainment system, it can display on top of the stop pointautomatically. Convulsed timbre and topping enjoy! Fourchannel outputs, built-in 4 45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting a perfectaudio and video quality, The sound combining with scene can give you asurprising surround stereoscopic feeling! External car amplifier External car amplifier can be connected to achieve higher request!      AM/FM The built-in AM/FM tuner supports auto-search, storage, frequency display, timber and sensitive adjust. 18 radio station fast tracking, station frequency button on screen, allows fast station selection. Double FM saving function. Allows fast FM channel switching. Note:RDS is not supported (Used in Europe and Australia)      Entire function control: Through the touch screen, iPod functions can be operated such as play,pause,stop,next,previous, categorize by singer, album, or randomplaying. Song title display: Contents in the iPod can be displayed like song titles, playing status,time, etc.It is like displaying all the contents of the iPod into thetouch screen. The song titles can be in Traditional Chinese, SimplifiedChinese,Japanese, English,etc. Timber adjust: As connecting IPOD and displaying the song, the timber adjust functioncan advance the sound effect of IOPD. iPod compatible list      Bluetooth hands-free car kit support bluetooth hands-free; Auto-distinguish mobile without connection or mobile bracket; you can dial the tele number in the display; the call volume can be adjusted; Auto-storage the incoming telegrams and dial numbers; storage 3 partnership mobile Audio Echo Clear-Up AEC is one kind of outlying signal voice model, which bases on thepertinence of speaker signal and multi-path echo coursed by speaker. Wecan evaluate the echo by AEC model,and amend the filter parameterscontinual to make the guesstimate near the true echo. Then take out theecho guesstimate from the micro input signal to eliminate the echo andrealize the perfect hands-free calling.     Enter the USB interface, you can see each file of U-disk ( support Chinese and English display ); When touching, the floating buttons will appear, the operation is similar with DVD play. Choose one file and touch OK, enter this file. Select related info andpress confirm to open folders. View contents and select file to run orbrowse.       TPMS is optional function (Please add an extra of 225USD)      Reverse View Allow backside camera connection into the mainframe. Display clearbackside view while reversing. Increase reverse safety. Decrease moneyloss. See picture above. External AV In the "Set" page, turn-off [iPod] function to activate [Input Support]function. This allows user to connect other media players such as MP3or MP4, and sound and image input. Brake Inspection If the [Brake Inspection] function is activated, video will only bedisplayed when the car is in the braking condition. This is to ensuresafety driving. If the passenger wants to watch videos while the car ismoving, the [Brake Inspection] function must be turned-off. Light Checking If the [Light Checking] function is turned-on, during night mode, itauto detects car light conditions, and auto adjust brightness. Thislessen eye burdens while looking at the screen, and prevent eyeirritation from incoming car lights. Other settings There are more setting, such as backseat entertainment setting, specialbutton on the wheel, reverse camera.

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