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Halo Reach Game Guide Oni: Sword Base

Halo Reach Game Guide Oni: Sword Base

You'll arrive in Sword Base during a Covenant strike. There are a large amount of elites and grunts storming the far end of the base. You have a few options for dealing with them. The most direct is to simply charge them head on. This can be a task as many of the enemies are armed with shields to block most attacks.

A better option is to sneak to the left ramp and grab the rifle sitting on the balcony. While Kat and the other soldiers distract the enemy, you'll be free to snipe a few key headshots. The enemy isn't totally oblivious and will eventually spot you. That will be the point to clean up with your assault rifle.

Move ahead and you'll come to a bunker. The key item to get here is the target locator, which summons a powerful airstrike. Exit back into the battlefield and you'll see that the Covenant has sent out two wraiths. Use your locator to paint a target on these tanks and lay down a brutal explosion. Alternatively, you can save the charge and destroy the wraiths directly, though that can take some time.

If any enemy vehicle still remains, such as a Ghost, steal it and use it travel much faster to your next objective. Here, you'll need to arm the cannon, which will destroy the enemy drop ships. The control panel is on the building's roof and can be reached by climbing the outter steps. There is a lone elite waiting on top, so be ready to take himout with your rifle or a frag grenade.

Mount up your vehicle again and follow Kat to your next target. You'll be restarting the comm relay and naturally the Covenant will have taken it under their control. The most ruthless enemy here are the jackals on the roofs, armed with needle rifles. They are far less troublesome without their range advantage, so you'll want to make your way to the steps and kill them close range. With the enemy destroyed, activate both the button on the ground level and the second one on the roof to restart the comm.

An enemy Revenant will approach to try and stop you. It's actually a better idea to steal this craft rather than destroy it outright. Pilot it back to Sword Base where the enemy has started their invasion. The base is surrounded by a lot of heavy vehicles, so it's a good idea to stop and destroy each individually before moving ahead. Additionally, a hail of missile fire will be raining down at the start of the fight, so avoid traveling on foot. When ready, activate the base's front gate and return inside.

Office of Naval Intelligence

The Covenant has sent out some of their big guns, the hunters, who have a massive defense against most weapons. They have a weak point on their back side, which you should exploit as much as possible.

Deeper into the base you'll gain the assistance of the USNC troops who will follow you around. Unlike your allies in Noble Team, these soldiers can easily be picked off by enemies, which prevents them from being useful meat shields.

Move up the steps carefully, as the Covenant will always be to get the drop on you. It's best to arm yourself with both a long range firearm, and a close range weapon. If you still have a energy sword, now is a great time to make use of it.

At the very top, a few of the Covenant drop ships will be giving some initial support, however they will soon dissipate, leaving on the elites to fend from themselves. Take them out to finally end the mission.

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