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How to Use a DVD Burner for a laptop or notebook?

How to Use a DVD Burner for a laptop?

With a DVD burner, you can download videos, games and applications and store them on a disk. This will free hard drive space to allow more downloading. You can also use a DVD burner to burn movies on a disk to play in your PC or on a regular DVD player. When you download MP3 music files, you can rip them to play in your car CD player or home stereo. This will allow more music as a DVD is approximately 8GB worth of storage. If you would like to copy a movie to another disk, you will need two DVD burners



Purchase or download free burning software. There is a number of different softwares to choose for your DVD burning needs. SwiftDisc Burning Wizard Premium, Xilisoft DVD Creator and Nero 9 come with a free trial. The purchasing price is less than $100, as of 2009. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free and BurnAware Free are available if you do not want to buy the software.

DVD drive


Insert a DVD into the burner. The DVD-RWs offer the option of erasing the DVD or adding more application to the disk. Do not use this type of disk for playing movies in a regular DVD player or music in a stereo. DVD-R disks are non-erasable. Take extra care when burning on this type of disk, any errors or accidentally opening the drive will cause the disk to stop functioning.

Dell DVD drive


Run your burning software. When you insert the disk, a window will appear. Press the "X" in the top right corner. Click on the "Start Menu" icon. Go to "Programs" then click on the burning application folder.
dreambox dm8000

You will have different options depending on the program. Typically, you will have the choice of burning data, videos or music.

HP DVD drive

Tips & Warnings

DVDs cost approximately $30 for 20 DVDs, as of 2009.

During the DVD burning process, do not remove the disk. This will damage the data and it will be unusable.

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