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Future Directions in Functional Foods --- Aarkstore Enterprise

Over the last decade the global functional foods sector has experienced substantial growth, particularly in the beverage and dairy sectors, and penetration of functional foods in the total food and drinks market is expected to continue. Dairy products dominate the European and Japanese functional foods markets and are very significant in Australia, but remain a relatively small but fast growing sector in the US where beverages still dominate the functional food and drink market. In particular in the US over the last few years there has been a distinctive rise in the number of shot drinks, particularly energy shots and other mood-enhancing beverages. This trend is expected to infiltrate Europe and this could be a major potential growth area in the forthcoming year.

Future Directions for Functional Foods is a new publication from Leatherhead Food Research. Since Leatherhead’s previous Functional Foods report, 4 years ago, there have been major changes affecting consumers and industry alike. A global recession and EFSA’s review of all EU food and drink health claims has caused some major changes in how health claims are viewed and their future potential currently hangs in the balance.

Key focus areas of the report include:

*Discussion of major drivers within the global functional foods market

*Review of how industry currently views the market and its future potential

*Analysis of major market sectors globally

*Review of recent NPD

*Assessment of growth opportunities for the future

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