Sword Knuckle Bow

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Fable 3 Reaver Sword Tips: How to Find Fable 3 Reaver Sword

Sometimes when you have already entered the code, you still can not locate or find Fable 3 reaver sword. So how to find Fable 3 reaver sword easily? This article will show you how to find Fable 3 reaver sword.

Tip1: Find Fable 3 reaver sword

You can go to your guild room thing and look around for a table with a present on it. hit A on the present and it will say u were gifted the sword/tatoo by lionhead studios. then go to you're armory and they will be there,

In the guild room, a little to the right of the dog basket there is a narrow set of shelves. The "bonus" items appear in there as "gifts". Collecting these "gifts" is as simple as walking up to them and pressing (A).

Tip2: Find Fable 3 reaver sword

The items don't appear straight away, but you have to unlock them by progressing into the story slightly. They are expected to appear after you get your normal sword however, mine only appeared after I had the sword, magic, and gun.

Tip3: Find Fable 3 reaver sword

It didn't appear until I accidentally switched profiles in the middle of gameplay. After getting the correct profile back on, the stuff was suddenly there. Don't know why it happened like this. Dunno if it helps.

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