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Fable 3 Inquisitor Sword Guide: How to Morph Inquisitor Sword in Fable 3

Fable 3 will become one of most popular game soon. Before pre ordering Fable 3, some players are wondering about the Inquisitor Sword morph or not and how to morph Inquisitor Sword. This article will show you how to morph Inquisitor Sword in Fable 3.

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Guide 1: Morph the inquisitor sword in fable 3

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The Inquisitor is a new sword in Fable III. It is said to have connections to Reaver and gets bonuses for committing evil deeds, such as killing innocents, annoying people and spending money. It can only be obtained by pre-ordering the game at Gamestop, and Electronic Boutique in Australia.

The sword can be seen in the Gamestop commercial here , however, the sword is partially morphed, a great example of the morphing system to be in Fable III.

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Guide 2: Morph the inquisitor sword in fable 3

You can morph legendaries by completing certain tasks such as killing x amount of civilians or spending x amount of gold just as examples. I believe that this means that each thing will always guarentee certain morphs. Ive seen the handle on the sword in the gamestop commercial on another weapon in the game.

Im starting to believe that the morphing system they keep talking about is nothing more than a certain part changing after you have done a certain thing with it. As for whether my theory about all the weapons is true or not, well just have to wait and see. For all I know it could have been the inquisitor with a morphed blade too.

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