Tang Inchigo Zangetsu

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Although he dared to carry the Covenant invasion of Tang

Secret folder Bi (Turks Guan Ming) Ashina Simo said: "Khan, is not see the answer."

Jie Li nodded and said: "messenger preparation. Of you and me to the sounding of a concept."

Jie Li and Zhu Jiang came to the sounding of the arm, not far from the camp to see the conflict in interest rates also come under the command of Zhujiang appearances.

With Qin Qiong Li Shimin, Cheng Yaojin, the public would like Zhang, Hou Xuan A set of four rates of Baiji Jun Jie Li sounding the rain came. Li Shimin loudly: "Li Shimin here. Jie Li, but in front of Khan?"

Jie Li a closer look and it really was to the Li Shimin. Hear the famous No. Jie Li Shimin newspaper can not install the faint-hearted, only rode for some distance before a large channel: "So is His Royal Highness the King of Qin, Jie Li in this."

Li Shimin snapped: "Jie Li Khan, the Turks already Datang covenant with you earlier, the two sides live in harmony and without off-Bingge pass, why did you break one's promise, but Beimeng Tang invasion?

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Jie Li was Li Shimin asked speechless. Although he dared to carry the Covenant invasion of Tang, but he can not himself admitted, whether he may completely wrong has. He does not speak in the future if more dealings with the Tang Ye Hao shamelessly.

Li Shimin see he did not speak, continued: "If today you withdraw, I still Datang Turkic alliance with your good of the country. If you do not withdrawal, will lead the Baiji solitary defeat your army."

Jie Li angrily: "King of Qin, you say that lying is too full, right? Alone, you can beat this Baiji thousands of elite troops under the command of the sweat? Khan heard this wrong, right?"

Li Shimin broke into laughter and said: "Jie Li Khan you heard wrong. Ruobu Xin you can try."

Jie Li hearts secretly whispered, muddy road at the moment the power of the cavalry did not play, but can not use bow and arrow only by machete damp combat. Machetes and guns to Dide Guo Tang Jun, Ma lance? Why is he so few people with only? Is Li Shimin ambush arranged in the back, but he said those who deliberately provoke me, luring me to attack the army? Jie Li thought this looked behind to Li Shimin. Just a very dense rain curtain could not see behind the scenes. Jie Li Ancun, yes, the emperor has no risks, he dares to come Qingqi certainly left a flip, can not be fooled.

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