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Live Edge Furniture is beautifully idiosyncratic

Live edge furniture is a style of furniture where the carpenter incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. In some cases, this form of carpentry is that which is made from reclaimed trees, which are trees that are taken down for a variety of reasons, such as new construction, or trees that were toppled by storms or other weather factors. These trees are used to make gorgeous pieces of furniture. The live edge means that the edge is natural and hasn’t been sawn straight. This is a very natural and organic look that appeals to many homeowners, particularly those who are close to nature, or who have an eye for beauty.

Imagine a large and accommodating dining room table that features live edges, is kiln dried, has tremendous character, has fiddleback, curly and burl figures and rich color. Keep in mind, there is a wealth of options when it comes to choosing the wood and design of a dining room table or any other type of furniture that features live edges.

Black walnut lumber is a great choice. It has gorgeous character and often features a circle grain and curls with a fiddle back figure. Black walnut comes in opulent chocolate colors. Black walnut is considered a specialty wood. Because of its unique color and grain characteristics, walnut has been a prized wood for furniture, cabinets, millwork, flooring and other decorative interior applications.

Live edge furniture is somewhat idiosyncratic because the natural edges create uncommon shapes. When a piece of furniture is created out of a live edge this refers to the natural edge of the lumber that either includes the bark or is the natural edge that remains after the bark has been removed.

The heirloom quality furniture that is crafted now becomes the antiques and heirlooms in following generations. These pieces can be made from quarter-sawn lumber because there is less shrinking and swelling in the width of the lumber when the quarter-sawn technique is applied. Furthermore, liquids don’t absorb as easily, the wood holds its finish better and the wood isn’t going to cup, twist or warp as much as it would if other sawing techniques were used.

An advantage to using heirloom quality lumber to make quality furniture is that it is an environmentally sound practice, when reclaimed trees are used. Instead of discarding trees this wood is used to create one-of-a-kind and enduring pieces of furniture.

Solid wood is necessary for a quality piece of furniture. Faux finishes are cheap and look it. This material doesn’t last and it doesn’t look nearly as good as furniture made from solid wood. Solid wood looks better the older it gets and the more it is used.

Heirloom quality wood is transformed into heirloom quality furniture, which is considered “working” furniture. It is passed along from generation to generation.

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