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Wholesale Thai Silk Fabric Bedding Curtains and Drapes at Charoon Thai Silk

Welcome to the Home Page of Charoon Thai Silk

Charoon Thai Silk, founded in 1970, is a unique, one-of-a-kind silk weaver. We produce high quality Thai silk fabric and products, such as silk bedding goods including silk curtains and silk drapes, cushion covers, etc. Great ranges of colors and designs are available for wholesale silk selection. What’s more, we also welcome custom colors and designs for your idiosyncratic silk needs.

Traditional Thai clothing

l Thai Clothing

Traditional Thai clothing is part of Thailand culture. Thailand traditional clothes are frequently used for festivities and performances as well as to celebrate holidays. Traditional Thailand clothes are also worn during key events such as engagements and weddings and always for traditional Thai dancing.


Silk weaving is the oldest craft in the world of works. Thai silks are a symbolism of unique lustre, different blends and sheen. Good quality Thai silk is always hand-woven. The distinctive technicality is that the warp and weft are of the different colour, which gives Thai silk its sheen and lustre, and makes it exclusive in terms of colour tones and blends. Whenever a piece of Thai silk is held in hands and placed towards light, the overall colour tone changes depending on the angle of the light. However, with machine-woven silk, regardless of what light angle you hold it at, it looks the same.

What is Thai silk?

Silk is the natural filament produced by the salivary glands of silkworms which are a type of moth that feeds on the mulberry bush. Silkworms are caterpillars, not worms. They spin their cocoons using a complex set of mechanisms within their bodies when they change from larva into pupa. Thai silk is produced by Thai caterpillars raised on Thai mulberry leaves by Thai weavers in Thailand, primarily on the Korat Plateau in the country's northeast region. Chaiyaphum is just north of Korat province.

Why is Thai silk so shiny and lustrous?

Thai Silk has triangular fibers which reflect light like prisms. It also has layers of protein that gives it a natural sheen and makes it lustrous and smooth. Silk is an insect fiber and superior to any animal or plant fiber. Thai silk fiber is strong but lightweight, elastic but supple.

What is smooth Thai silk?

Smooth Thai silk has a shiny, satin-like finish. It's suitable for all purposes, particularly clothing and interior decorating. The “standard” width was formerly about 37 inches/94 centimeters and is available in 2-ply and sometimes 4-ply. Starting in 2003, our Thai weavers began producing silk at a standard width of 40 inches

Charoon Thai Silk
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