Tobacco Bone Barlow

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How to Buy Cheap Cigarettes, Tobacco and Cigars

With the ever increasing taxes and duties being applied to cigarettes , tobacco and cigars , especially in the United Kingdom, it is becoming more and more expensive for smokers to buy the products they require. In the United Kingdom government duty accounts for 76% of the cost of a typical pack of 20 cigarettes at April 2009 and this is with the temporary reduction of 2.5% Value Added Tax. Couple with manufactures price increases; this makes it progressively more difficult for UK smokers, especially those that are retired and living solely on their state pension. It has become necessary for smokers and more so for heavy smokers, to find cheaper places to source their favourite brands of cigarettes and rolling tobacco. Very few people that enjoy smoking have given up because of the increasing costs. Many cigarette smokers have started buying roll your own tobaccos, such as Golden Virginia, Amber Leaf and Cutters Choice, while those that were already buying rolling tobacco have resorted to buying cheaper brands, such as Domingo, JPS Tobacco and Turner. Due to these high costs there are now many internet websites selling cheaper tobacco products although some of them, especially from Eastern Europe, are selling inferior copy cigarettes, which usually can be identified by the extremely low prices. Indeed, some of those websites don´t even send the goods. Our own site supplies exactly the same quality cigarettes, tobacco and cigars as you would expect to buy from your local tobacconist or supermarket. This is because we are based in Spain and are able to get all the top quality brands. The only difference is that the warnings are in Spanish. Due to these low prices we are able to give our regular customers huge savings, enabling them to save 100s or more per year on their smoking products. In addition we give new customers an extra 10% off their 1 st purchase. All goods are sent securely in plain wrappers by courier. We have 1000s of happy customers and you can find some of their testimonials on our website.

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