Tom Anderson Raztac

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About the Company - Thomas Anderson Advisory

Thomas Anderson Advisory is the only business brokerage company in New York, United States that guards privacy by using a private protection software program that ensures your confidential organization informations does not get into your competitors, clients, or employees control.

Through the Thomas Anderson Advisory Private Clients Divisions, we provide our clients with services that include Investment Management Services, Merger and Acquisitions and your other financial need.

Excellence in market execution and the provision of the suitable details at the ideal price, at the right time has offered Thomas Anderson Advisory a valued globally respected of being able to make sure that our clients gain their financial goals and aspirations.

Thomas Anderson Advisory are leaders in the marketing and advertising of private equity property investment potentials to the investors in options. TAA provides a confined selection of directors with differentiated techniques, usually on an exceptional base. Professionals are chosen based on their overall performance, qualification and management skills and techniques.

TAA's achievement in bringing in top quality members and directors has helped the development of our solid connections and exceptional track record among investors in Alternative Strategies. Thomas Anderson Advisory are convinced that this framework has established the phase for effective and profitable capital raising efforts in the future.

TAA realise that the level of quality of TAA alliance with particular individual associates and clients, along with accompanying awareness of their administrator requires enhancement, the chance that capital inflows increases and the probability of redemptions will likely be decreased.


Our experienced advisors understand how to take advantage of industry trends in order to maximize the sale of your business. Our knowledge and planning progman is designed to insure the true value of your business isn’t wasted by yesterday’s techniques. It is the reason we continue to be the best in New York, United States.

Thomas Anderson Advisory Merger and Acquisition General Structure

When selling a company through Thomas Anderson Advisory M&A, mid-market business owners follow a structured and proven process.

It begins with the assessment meeting to review, your goals and objectives, market value, the selling process, and the costs involved. The purpose is to determine if there is agreement to proceed to the next step.

A business valuation is performed. We also analyze, market comparables, competition, industry changes, risk, locations and growth potential. With the results of the decision to sell or hold. Should you elect to proceed, an exclusive representation agreement is executed.

Thomas Anderson Advisory M&A is committed to take your company to market once there is agreement on the value range and pricing strategy.

Now the marketing strategy is put in place. First a synopsis will be given to a prospective purchaser, which does not include identifying information on your company. If true interest is expressed in the opportunity, a business profile is then presented to financially qualified buyers who have a non-disclosure agreement.

We understand that confidentiality is important to you. Thomas Anderson Advisory M&A provides professional representation at the negotiation table. Our trained and experienced intermediaries have the “deal making” experience to successfully bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We work with the parties to structure a deal that will deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

During the purchase process, the buyer will conduct due diligence. This involves a detailed study of your company. We use our knowledge and experience to guide both buyer and seller through this critical stage. An experienced intermediary is key to resolving last minute differences, leading to removal of all contingencies and the successful close of the transaction.

WHY CHOOSE Thomas Anderson Advisory M&A?

We can support you through the transaction cycle planning

Due Diligence

Structuring the Deal

Negotiations Closing

Post-Closing Assistance

Corporate Recovery Services

Our professionals also have experience in the following areas:

Operational and financial reporting

Performance of due diligence procedures

Liquidating agent services

Collateral base reviews

Development of turnaround business plans

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