Tool Holster Model

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Attention Sports-persons and Tool-Users

Attention: Sports-Persons and Tool-Users

You may already have a hard case of CCNB or CCIH or a case of the BLUES or some other contractible disorder. Doctors rarely, if ever, diagnose these hard case afflictions properly. But I will list some symptoms that should make self-diagnostics very simple. Cures seem to be addressed fully by only one company in particular, Jamaluma, who happens to like hard cases.

Do you totally ignore your power tool cases and leave your power tools in a pile to fend for themselves against dust, moisture, rust, and impact damage? Then, when your tools fail to last, do you curse the manufacturer for making crap? Ever notice that the most expensive and high quality brands give you real good cases for you to use? Do you either toss those cases out in the dumpster, or fill them with junk you will probably never use? We know why, and we are ashamed to admit it, this all happens because, [gulp] -they all look alike-, and you just hate opening up six cases to find the one tool you need. And, [gulp again] they are too fat, too large and bulky, they just take up too much bench and shelf space. The whole situation makes you kinda sad. Sorry, but you caught it, you have the "Nothing I have ever lasts for very long, and I don’t know why, and if I did I wouldn’t admit it, BLUES".

Jamaluma says stop that! Simply save your cases, organize them with the Jamaluma U-Mount, and label them. The Jamaluma U-Mount is a hardware mounting kit to wall mount hard shell cases and gearboxes. So just wall mount your labeled cases, and you can have more storage and bench space, and your tools will last like they are suppose to. You do have to do your part to help make your tools last longer, and to shake those old blues, Jamaluma is here for ya buddy, give us a call anytime.

Do you rush out for a great hunt, put your gun or bow in a nice fluffy soft case, and then just piled it all in the back of the vehicle / trailer with the rest of the stuff? Then go bouncing down a rough two track? Then have some dodo-head [there’s one in every crowd] climb around and stomp all over everything? Have you had a scratched or damaged gun / bow because of all this? Now for the big one, do you [repeatedly] miss the shot because the scope / sights had somehow gotten bumped? I hate to break it to you like this but, you have contracted the "big excuse about the one that got away and its not my fault" reputation.

Jamaluma says stop that! Use hard cases for your gear, and get them wall mounted securely with the Jamaluma U-Mount. This goes for at the house, during transportation, and at the cabin. Care for your expensive equipment [keep it safe from dodo-head] and it will serve you well. And get back the reputation you well deserve.

Do you hurry out for a fishing trip, quickly pile everything in the back of the vehicle, on the floor as usual, and only to later find damaged rods and reels, or a broken rod tip? Then while out in the boat, do you put your tackle box - cooler - minnow bucket on the seat, only to have them SLAM to the floor, scaring off every fish for a mile? {Not to mention spilling everything all over the place}. Simple fix - put it back on the floor then, right? But ten minutes later you trip on the clutter, thus performing the ever entertaining “I’m not falling in the water dance”, and thus conducting a wonderful drum solo all over the boat, which thus transforms the boat into an effective acoustical floating fish repellant. But you don't care about the fish right now, because you are using your body as drum sticks and it really really hurts. {But gosh the show sure makes dodo-head laugh his butt off}. You've got a very serious situation going here, I'm afraid you have CCNB, that’s right, Clumsy Cluttered Noisy Boat. CCNB is generally hereditary, but it can be passed on from others from over exposure, and often-found in duck and goose hunting boats. Findings have related CCNB to CCIH {Clumsy Cluttered Ice House}.

Jamaluma says stop that! That's right, use rod cases and the Jamaluma U-Mount. Wall mount and protect your delicate rods and reels. And not just for transport, for storage too. And use your U-Mount to get your gear mounted to the side of the boat, secure, off the floors and seats because those are meant for you and your fishing buds. {For fishing, not dancing} Oh, and for CCIH sufferers, the Jamaluma U-Mount will really help you to clear up the clutter in your Ice House too. Get gear off the floor and make good use of the walls and doors. CCNB and CCIH can be defeated, and you will soon notice that your friends prefer to go with you and your equipment when you gear up the Jamaluma way. And you will find your outings to be much more enjoyable and comfortable. {And let dodo-head get his entertainment form watching the clowns in that other boat.}

Do you have repairs to make? It may not necessarily be a big job but it will require a few specific tools and specific parts or supplies like tape, glue etc. Is the first thing you discover is that the tools / supplies are not where you expected to find them? Now in the past, admit it now, sometimes you forgot where you left them, and other times someone else used "it" and didn't put "it" back where "its" suppose to be. You eventually waste more time trying to find your stuff than it takes to make the repair. But hears the real kicker, during the search you probably got a bit steamed, and the family, friends, or co-workers have suffered your wrath. Heck, you even gave the dog a little boot for getting in your way -- while you ran around re-looking in the places "it" might be. [And why is dodo-head giggling and not helping here?] If as soon as you say in a loud voice for all to hear, "WHERE” and upon that single word they quickly lift their heads, have slightly dropped jaws, and lifted the eyebrows -- and the dog tucks tail and runs, -- then you my friend have what we call being "organizationally impaired", complicated with the underlying "I hate to waste time and it really makes me mad complex”.

Jamaluma says stop that! We can help you. Of course the road to recovery begins with admitting to your-self that there is a problem. Then get organized with the Jamaluma U-Mount system. Get several gearboxes if you need to, and mount them in your work area. Label them properly, electrical, plumbing, diagnostics, etc., make specialty kits in other words.

Organize you gear, organize your storage areas, and be properly prepared for the next project. And by all means, avoid an uprising from you co-workers, friends and family, {and hey, don’t under-estimate the dog either, you know what they say about paybacks}.

You no longer need to suffer these afflictions my friend. The Jamaluma U-Mount system is the easiest and least expensive method to support your “grab & go” life style that so many of us live, work and play. This system allows you to become better prepared, organized, protects your gear, and saves tons of “search time”. And is by far your best option to make better use of tight storage areas. So give us a visit at and get what you need, and heal thyself.


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