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Beautiful Mango Wood Tables Beautiful Mango Wood Tables

The wood of a mango tree is one of the most preferred woods used to make a wood nest cube. These tables are beautiful and functional and with the light wood color, they will fit nicely in to almost any décor. The wood is mainly grown in southern Asia and is very prevalent in Taiwan where it is harvested for the very popular mango fruit. After the mango tree reaches about thirty years old, it no longer produces edible fruit so it is harvested for it is gorgeous wood.

Mango wood tables are always very interesting in their wood grain style. The mango tree is a light colored wood with some times straight lines running through it or some times curved lines that add a distinguished and intricate detail to the table top, or anything else you may make from it. The mango tree cuts and dries with an extremely interesting pattern. Very often, these kinds of nest cube tables are made from only wood and no other adornments. When the legs and top are all made from mango, the table has character even of you don’t add a wood stain.

Since the mango tree is slow to harvest for its wood, tables made from this wood can be quite expensive, but you can find good deals on them from time to time. Mango wood tables can be found in large collections owned by antique dealers because of their uniqueness. When the wood from the base of the tree is used or the wood from where a branch grew from the tree, you will find many intricate patterns in the wood. Mango wood is a very light colored wood, a soft yellow and can sometimes be found with orange or green streaks of color running through them. If the wood is stored for a period of time, it can develop darker colored threads or streaks that are caused by a fungus. Since it is such a light wood these characteristics can add variety and additional beauty to its finish.

Tables that are designed as nest cubes can be used in so many ways and when they are made of mango wood they make a great addition to any décor. They are perfect as a table for playing games with family and friends; all you will need to do is separate the tables so everyone can have their own table for any game they want to play. The smaller tables are perfect for use as temporary end tables to play games at your dining table. Adding the smaller tables around the dining table will provide everyone a place for their drinks so they won’t get the game wet. Nest cube table are flexible enough to use them or hide them in as little as a minute or two. They don’t need to be stacked, either. You can use the set of three cubes, for instance, in a bedroom as two night tables and a television stand. The mango wood tables will go with any décor you may already have in the bedroom. They also make great plant stands! You can find them online at great prices.

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