Traditional Japanese White

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Colorful ASICS running shoes for your as a gift

The reason always stand out in the recreational sports brand because it is the innovation of the sport combined with traditional Japanese culture, so that the products emit a unique personality. The clothing is now in its distinctive style and style popular around the world and in Europe, Paris, London and many other major cities have set up shop on the global leisure market have a strong impact sports. In 1949, Mr. Onitsuka hi Hachiro ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Rotation 77 Shoes, Japan, founded the predecessor ¨C the company (Onitsuka Co., Ltd.), specializing in the development, production to meet the needs of professional athletes of sports shoes. In 1949, Mr. Onitsuka created the first pair of basketball shoes, named (Onitsuka Tiger). Brand official said that in Japan, with a pair of tiger shoes have become the dream of many young people. Wenzhou is one of the main producers of footwear, the brand appeared in Wenzhou, will give love shoes, shoes, Wenzhou consumers understand the different feelings.

The ASICS currently in the country despite little influence in the global context is well known to sports enthusiasts fifth largest sports brand, is this immortal spirit, inspired the idea of ??
ASICS running shoes
designer, also appeared from ASICS running shoes hidden in Tokyo, ninja stealth technique turned the design concept. A competitive and fighting spirit with the stylish but angry bellows can extend the love of power the world Alex running shoes come out. This is a new concept design, but also loved the world, Alex (ASICS) a new record. Big Brother is in Japan. However, this name until 1977 ASICS only from the famous Latin maxim Anima Sana in Corpore Sano (healthy and strong body and healthy mind breeds) extracted out, nearly 30 years before, his name has been is. Perhaps memories of the past is worth a good thing. The ASICS Tiger to come out from, and went to the location of today's international market, is a choice. Parents always under the guarantee will not have the growth experience; only left the warmth of home, to find a better light, and will survive better.
Asics Onitsuka California 78
. This is the reason for choosing to leave.

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