Traditional Taiji Tai

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5 Aspects to Treat Diabetes in Traditional Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has accumulated rich experience in prevention and treatment of diabetes . In this article, we will introduce the major remedy in TCM to you. Diabetes, has been called " XiaoKeBing "in Chinese medicine, considered to be the results of inadequate innate endowments, physical weakness and acquired factors, need a comprehensive treatment. In fact, the principles of Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes are not in conflict with Western medicine. Attention should be paid to the following five aspects: Diet is the foundation . Both Huang Di Nei Jing and Jing Yue Quan Shu, two classical books about Traditional Chinese Medicine have related records to show that diabetes is a disease of the rich, which indicates  that the need to control diet. Sun Simiao, the world's pioneer to propose a dietary treatment, he believed that the patients should be wary of drinking, and limit salt intake. In addition, their diets should be moderate with light tastes. Tai Chi is a strongly advised sport . The ancients have long recognized that the appropriate movement is one of the effective therapies of diabetes. Patients with diabetes should exercise under the guidance of a doctor, without the feeling of fatigue. Patients can choose walking, aerobics, tai chi, swimming, and ballroom dancing according to their conditions. In particular, tai chi, with a relaxed, natural, stretch and soft features, the most suitable for the patients. Emotional mediation is very important . Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the relations between emotion and health. Long-term poor emotion will lead to the occurrence and deterioration of diabetes, which is in accordance with modern medicine. Therefore, patients with diabetes should build cheerful, and broad-minded characters, and maintain blood circulation, to help disease control and rehabilitation. Pay attention to natural health Chinese medicine believes that people born with intrinsic air of heaven and earth, changes of season have a direct and indirect impact on the physiology and pathology of the human body, stressing following the course of nature. Diabetes is a lifelong disease, patients have to learn self regulating to enjoy their later years. But it doesn’t mean to take supplements at random. Medication must be cross-check . You should be clear that not all diabetic patients are suitable for Chinese medical treatment. Type 1 diabetes is not suitable, because type 1 diabetes need to rely entirely on exogenous insulin to sustain life, but so far no Chinese traditional medicines can substitute for insulin. TCM treatment of diabetes should avoid weaknesses. It is absolutely no faster than Western medicine on the terms of hypoglycemic effect, but it focus on the overall regulation and control, improving symptoms and quality of life. It is suited for type 2 diabetes. When medicine can not effectively control blood glucose, you should timely take oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin. Chinese medicine and Western medicine should be taken with an interval about half an hour. As for what kind of medicine to take, you need to find an experienced doctor of TCM .

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