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Pocket Folder: A Versatile Marketing Tool

Most often, a pocket folder is used by small and big companies for their marketing campaign. Without a doubt, it can effectively help establishments build their own brand and a unique identity at the same time. With regard to functionality, these folders are perfect for holding presentations, files, annual reports, marketing materials, sales reports, business cards and other important documents. Its versatility makes it in demand and the primary reason why most businesses use them these days.

Within an establishment, folders, papers and envelopes are just some of the commonly used office supplies. These are the supplies that should never run out of stock, as it can essentially affect a business. Although not in a major way, the performance and efficiency of the employees may get affected without the said office supplies.

Even though it is a given fact that folders can be purchased anywhere – from stores offering office supplies, bookstores and other shops, why would one choose a pocket folder? During presentations, can you not just present your clients with ordinary folders instead? Definitely, that’s fine. But since we are already using these types of office supplies, why don’t we utilize the resources and use it as a marketing tool instead?

As a matter of fact, during presentations, you may place your proposals or any other document inside the pocket folder. Along with that, you can also slip in your business card and hand them over the folder within or before the meeting. It serves dual purpose in this situation – 1) It serves as the perfect place to compile and keep the documents organized; 2) Your brand or logo will be printed in that specific folder making it an excellent marketing tool.

The entire folder is something that you can take advantage of. However, you have to put in mind not to exaggerate the design. Just add your logo or your branding, and relevant information that can greatly help your business. You may add your contact information such as phone number, business address and e-mail address. This will make it easier for your clients to contact you back just in case they have decided to close a deal, or go for your services. Additionally, you also have to take note that the business card’s (the contact person) theme / design / layout / template will match the folder. This is the primary ingredient towards to an efficient brand recall. In no time, you’ll realize that you have built your own brand in the industry, and more potential clients are now aware on who you are, what your business is all about, and where to reach you.

As I have mentioned earlier, a pocket folder is versatile. This is because there are different designs or folds that you may choose from, depending on your preference. Cando Printing is one of the best sources of these types of folders and listed below are some of the types they have for their clients: they have side pockets, three panels, curved, linen, flap, landscape and many others.

To view the different designs and to choose the
pocket folder
for your company, refer to Cando Printing’s website for more information.

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