Troublesome Creek Baby

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Choosing a safe baby changing table

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A changing table makes the task much less troublesome by creating a safeand comfortable place for baby that is also comfortable and convenient for aparent to use. As new parents, you’ll be changing a tremendous amount ofdiapers for the next year or so. A changing table is essential to the wellplanned and organized nursery. As it is nowcompulsory in Scotland for all relevant Business Premises such as Pubs,Restaurants, Retail Stores and any other organization that provide toilets fortheir customers, to provide a Baby Changing Unit, then In Scotland thereis   no choice but to comply, or risk ahefty fine! This isexpected to be introduced in England and Wales making it compulsory foreveryone! You can change a baby’s diaper on any flat surface with aprotective pad, changing tables can make diapering more convenient, since theyraise the baby up to a comfortable height and provide a place to store diaperingsupplies. You can buy changing tables in many baby departments and stores, oryou can place a changing pad on a sturdy, appropriately sized dresser orbookcase. Since many changing tables are made to match a crib, you may want tochoose a changing table at the same time you choose the other nurseryfurniture. Changing tables come in a variety of styles and with variousfeatures to fit different lifestyles. From the very basic table with just alittle storage to the elaborate fine furniture combination piece that will lastfor many years and everything in-between. With all of the beautiful stylesavailable, you’ll be sure to find one that complements your nursery. Many areso well designed they actually grow with your baby or can be used as otherpieces of furniture when a changing table is no longer needed. What you should belooking in Baby changing table Durability: This is perhaps the most important quality in a changingtable. You’ll need a table that is sturdy, one with solid legs and good jointconnections that doesn’t wobble. Purchasing online is often a good way to get agreat price so look for a well-known name and a listing of the high-qualityfeatures. When in doubt call customer service and ask questions, they are avaluable resource for information when searching for products online and oftenreceive training directly from the manufacturers and can contact them directlyfor you for any clarification. Safety Straps: Most changing tables do come with safety straps, pass on anythat do not. The safety straps allow you to strap your baby down comfortably sohe or she can’t roll off the table. Guardrails: All good changing tables have some kind of a guard rail allthe way around and the higher they are the better. This is important becausealthough guardrails do not replace safety straps they are an extra safetyfeature. They also come in pretty handy to keep things like powder and wipesfrom falling off. Even if baby is strapped in, never walk away- always keep onehand on baby. Changing pad: Many changing pads come with the table and some arepurchased separately. Those purchased separately come in a variety of styles(flat, contoured, waterproof, disposable, extra plush and even made fromorganic materials). Look for pads that can be easily cleaned and purchase extrachanging pad covers. If you don’t find any to match your nursery it’s easy tocustom make a few that are just right. Make a removable cover from fabric youlike, then use iron on waterproof plastic that can be purchased at your local fabricstore. Or use disposable pads on top of a fabric cover (make sure to haveextras!). Storage: You will need tons of storage space to organize all thelittle things that go along with a baby. Many changing tables have greatstorage drawers built right in, some have open shelving with nice baskets andothers are open and waiting for your decorative and organizational stamp. Ifyou want to hide things away then drawers are for you but if you like thingsopen, baskets are great. You’ll need enough storage to put plenty of diapers ineasy reach, along with creams, creams, ointments, powders, washcloths, wipes,wipe warmers, a million other necessities, not to mention extra clothes. What you get for themoney: There are so many models available a new parent can be dazedand confused. There are a wide range of styles and something for every tasteand budget. Look for a changing table that has raised sides or guardrails to help keep the changing pad in place and keep the baby safe. If youwant to use a bookcase or dresser as a changing table, consider using acontoured pad with straps that you can attach firmly to the furniture. Make sure the changing table is sturdy and has a non-toxicfinish, with no peeling paint. Changing tables come in a variety of colors,such as white, natural, oak and cherry, so you can choose one that matches yourother nursery furniture. Make sure the height of the changing table is comfortablefor you. Most parents prefer the changing table to be about waist high, so theydon’t have to bend over or reach up to change the baby. Select the type of storage compartments you want for thechanging table. Some tables have open shelves where you can stack diapers orbaskets, while others have closed drawers or cupboards. Some changing tables usea mix of both styles. While open styles can be more convenient, closed stylestorage systems can help keep older babies out of the supplies. You can browse wide range of  Baby Changing Tables   at Prestige WashroomsUK, They offer High quality baby changing units that cater individuals needs. Author: CarolineSimpson, Mother of three is regular user of baby changing station.

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