Tusba Samurai Sword

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Where to buy Character Toys & Action Figure Costumes in India?

Ben 10, BeyBlade, Batman & Power Rangers. Able to Make a Connect? You must be an action hero fan and you probably also watch a lot of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Fans wear their hero’s on their sleeves, quite literally is what I would say. Wear the Dominatrix, the Ben 10 watch, carry a BeyBlade and play with the power ranger samurai sword! You must be thinking that sounds like being like your hero – now the big question where do you find all these action figure toys, costumes and accessories in India.

Toy Store Online in India

Hoopos the Online Toy Store in India stocks all of your favorite action figures and more. For a long time the only way to get your favorite character toy was to visit one of the popular Malls and Toy Stores which would have few of the cartoon products. Cartoon Network India now showcases most of the cartoons they air on TV and also have games online. But they still don’t sell merchandise and that leaves us with a tough luck in India to follow our heroes. Fortunately Hoopos.com the new baby products store has introduced Toys and that makes all our Action Hero dreams come true.

Wanna be a BeyBlader?

Buy BeyBlade Toys Online Today to own the most powerful spinning tops. What fun it is to be a BeyBlade fan and not have a Beyblade to toss. The wait is over. BeyBlade Toys are now available online in India at Hoopos.com

BeyBlade’s Metal Fusion is the most popular beyblade attack top. Metal Masters Attack & Defence tops are now available on sale at a cheap price of Rs 349 Only. BeyBlade Doubles cost only Rs. 599. Buy a pair of beyblades to master the art and become the world’s best blader.

Ben 10 fan?

Want to be like Ben Tennyson and turn into 10 aliens to fight the evil. Visit the Ben 10 Toy Store today and buy all the new ben 10 alien force figures like Goop, Alien X, Levin, Swampfire, Heat Blast, Chroma stone all for Rs. 399 only.

Even the aliens from ben 10 old series are also available. You can buy ben 10 stickers, ben 10 watch, ben 10 roller skates to add to your collection.

Add Power Rangers Samurai Sword to your Collection

Ranger Fan? Then you got to own a Power Rangers Samurai Sword or the Jungle Fury Games. Power Ranger Toys are now available at one place online at Hoopos.

Find Tusba Samurai Sword On eBay Below:

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