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10 Top Reasons To Buy a Kit Home - Kit Homes are prefabricated forms of housing

No.1 – Affordability

Kit Homes are not expensive; some plans start at as little as $30-40 thousand. Obviously it costs more to buy more extensive plans, but the cost comparison against a traditional house is unbelievable.

No.2 – Build Quality

The quality of Kit Homes is far greater than with other forms of modern housing. Steel frames are reliable and secure, manufactured with precision and accuracy.

No.3 – Fire Proof

Kit Homes do not burn in the same way as traditional houses. They are made from steel frames, which are not flammable or combustible.

No.4 – Construction Time

Kit Homes take less than 6 weeks to build in many cases. They come pre-built and can be constructed a little bit like a mechano set, unlike other Global Home Solutions.

No.5 – Termite Proof

Prefabricated houses are termite proof, which is especially helpful in countries like Australia. This allows kit homes to be built anywhere, without the worry of potential termite threats.

No.6 – Customizability

Although we list set plans, Kit Homes can be easily customised. Once a plan is chosen, an architect helps to build, change and develop the plan to suit your exact needs.

No.7 – Environmentally Friendly

Kit homes do not cause a large carbon footprint as the construction time is so quick and machinery-free. There is also no wastage of metal during construction.

No.8 – Mortgage-less

Many will find the need for a mortgage obsolete with Kit Homes. This is because most suppliers offer finance and many buyers can afford their home outright.

No.9 – Investment

Kit Homes don’t just retain their value incredibly well; they also increase in value over time- Kit Homes are a great investment.

No.10 – Sloping Sites

Kit Homes are not restricted by sloping sites. Because they are made of steel framing that can be customized, owners wanting to develop on a slope are able to.

About Author: Global Home Solutions are a kit home company that is dedicated to providing sustainable, affordable and beautiful housing solutions.

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