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Fable 3 Swords Guide: How to Get All Fable 3 Swords

Swords are very important in Fable 3. Fable 3 swords include: Absolver Sword, Reaver Sword and Channeler Sword. The article will show you how to get all Fable 3 swords.

They are useful for you to play Fable 3:

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●Reaver Sword
- Fable 3 Swords Guide

Reaver is voiced by Stephen Fry. Reaver possesses one of the 6 Dragonstomper .48 Guns. He claims to have killed 4 of the other holders and subsequently had their copies destroyed. The name is appropriate, as he killed a fellow marksman, Wicker, who owned the Red Dragon weapon. Wicker challenged Reaver to a duel to prove who was the better

●Absolver Sword
- Fable 3 Swords Guide

The Absolver is a hammer used by the hero Sister "Hammer" Hannah who was the Hero of Strength and a very good friend of the Hero of Bowerstone, who is the Hero of Fable III's parent. It is gained as a pre-order bonus from Walmart and GAME.

You can get Fable3 Absolver soword:
Absolver Sword

●Channeler Sword
- Fable 3 Swords Guide

Many guys want the channeler sword but when preordred the game, it didn't come come with codes. The guy was wondering if anyone who doesn't want there channeler sword would be kind enough to give me there code (unused). He have nothing to give other than my xbox live friendship and possibly future ingame gifts when he has got the game a nd progressed far in it.

Xbox live gamertag is Myths Lord. Please add me and send me a message if you are interested. But some guys said "You should realize YOU GET THE CODE WHEN YOU ARE GIVEN THE GAME!bDon't beg for the channeler because you pre-ordered at Gamestop or somewhere else." You can get Fable 3 Channeler Sword:
Channeler Sword

I hope the guide can help you know more about Fable 3 swords.

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