Veff Combo Knife

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Dead Rising 2 Combo Weapons Guide: Miscellaneous Combo Weapons

There's a selection of combo weapons in "Dead Rising 2" that defy categorization. They're generally a little weird, a little unexpected. But that doesn't make them any less fun to use! And in Dead Rising 2 Miscellaneous Combo Weapons, there are two aspects: Combo Weapons and Bonus: Combo Vehicles. The following will give you the guide for Miscellaneous Combo Weapons in Dead Rising 2.

Miscellaneous Combo Weapons

There are 8 kinds of Miscellaneous Combo Weapons you can use.

Drill Bucket:
Bucket + Drill

It's a metal bucket with a few drills taped to the outside, pointing in. Slam it on a zombie's head and the drills will make short work of its melon.

Fountain Lizard:
Lizard Head Mask + Pipe

Toss a Godzilla-looking mask on a zombie and it'll wander around, spewing flames at nearby buddies.

Beer Hat:
Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat

Portable heath! Unfortunately if you drink too much you'll start vomiting. Less unfortunate: Zombies can slip on the vomit.

Toy Helicopter + Machete

Zombies are attracted to the noise-making helicopter. Too bad there's a giant, head-cutting blade spinning on the top of it. Set it flying and let it go to work!

Electric Chair:
Wheel Chair + Battery

Don't worry, you won't be sitting on it. Mixing a normal wheel chair with a battery lets you push the chair around, zapping zombies as you roll past them. Great for clearing a crowd.

Super Slicer:
Servbot Mask + Lawnmower

Unlike most Servbot masks in "Dead Rising 2," you can actually wear this one! It's got a lawnmower blade attached to your head and you can charge at enemies, taking them out with gusto.

Tesla Ball:
Bingo Ball Cage + Battery

I'm not quite sure how you pick this up, but it's an electrified ball that zaps any zombies that wander past it.

Burning Skull:
Bull Skull + Motor Oil

Putting a bull skull on your head and charging around is ok, but it's nothing compared to setting that same skull on fire. Trust me.

Bonus: Combo Vehicles

Combo vehicles require that you unlock the motorcycle trailer in the campaign. This can be accomplished by completing the mission, "Here Come The Contestants." And the following introduces 2kinds of Combo Vehicles.

Chainsaw Motorcycle:
Motorcycle + Chainsaw

A standard motorcycle, with the useful addition of two chainsaw blades acting like wings on either side, slicing anything you drive into.

Machine Gun Motorcycle:
Motorcycle + LMG

By sticking a light machine gun on the front of your motorcycle, you're able to clear the road of any potential danger. Bullets are way better than headlights, anyway.

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