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The Star who loves to be under the scorching Sun

The name Kim Kardishian has been synonymous to voluptuous figure. This American actress, socialite and television personality frequently visited Miami Beach for sunbathing. It seems that perfume, and movie launch as well as major parties are incomplete without her attendance. Though she enjoyed being in the spotlight, this infamous celebrity is enthralled and seemingly addicted in lying in the beach to enjoy the sun. In fact, Kim Kardishian has been spotted in the Miami Beach for three days reaping all the benefits of sun exposure and sun tan. She even stated in her tweeter account that she never wanted to go home after such vacation. Kim Kardishian shared many women’s obsession in soaking under the heat of the
sun[link] and enjoying the breeze of the sea.
Sun bathe is defined as the exposure under the sun mainly to obtain a suntan. Sun exposure causes formation of more pigments of melanin within the skin.
Basically the melanin is produced by melanocytes to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and skin damage. Consequently this increase production in melanin generates a brownish skin color that has been a common trend among Hollywood stars nowadays. Celebrities such as Cristina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, Tara Reid, to name a few, have paved the way for this newest trend.
Luckily Kim Kardishian is naturally endowed with this brownish skin color, from the blend of her Armenian father and Scottish/Dutch mother. Nevertheless this celebrity known for her incredible curves can’t seem to get enough of sun exposure.
Aside from aesthetic and beauty advantages, sun exposure also boasts health benefits. It increases levels of vitamin D which lessen the likelihood of incurring cancer in the future. Being soaked in the

sun [link]for 20-minutes, could make a lot of difference in having a healthy life ahead. In addition the research indicated that approximately 50,000 to 63,000 individuals in the U.S. die prematurely from various cancers due to insufficient vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D has been correlated with the risk of obtaining prostate cancer and breast cancer. Women who have low levels of vitamin D have a five times higher risk of developing breast cancer.
These countless benefits of Sun bathe have surely impelled droves of people as well this famous celebrity to beaches. Kim Kardishian, infamous for her nude cover in December 2007 edition of Playboy magazine, has admitted that she just simply loves the sun.

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