Vintage Japanese Military

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Tie One On The Vintage Scarf Is The New Glamour


Contact: Paula Horlick



Tie One On

The Vintage Scarf Is The New Glamour

Bella Vista, AR - 2009- You’ve always stuck your neck out for fashion.

So who wouldn’t like their own personal fashion consultant of vintage

scarves? Enter Paula Horlick, the creative brain behind The Vintage

Scarf ( a unique online boutique of reclaimed

one-of-a-kind vintage scarves dating from the from the 1930’s to the

1990’s. Horlick also offers the glamorous clips and buckles

that accessorize them beautifully. You can learn more about them at

Horlicks clever blog at Resellers such as

shops and boutiques can buy the scarves at wholesale pricing and carry

The Vintage Scarf line. You’ll wear the lightweight, scarves all year round, be it

strolling the street, going to work, or a night out to glam up the

little black dress .

Loop the silk ones close around your throat; layer on the longer,

chiffon ones if you dare. Opt for out-of-the-norm leopard prints, ’70s

Oscar de la Renta, or ’60s Pierre Cardin florals paired with bright a handbag .

Tie on equestrian link, cosmic star, or modern geometric patterns. Each

one-of-a-kind piece is personally inspected by Horlick and of

top-quality craftsmanship. You can let The Vintage Scarf be your “wrap

star,” each deserving consideration of its own.

“Recently the scarf has experienced something of a revival, once again

becoming a must-have item by women around the world. The future of

scarves looks secure and these fashion items now represent a huge

opportunity for exciting use of color and patterns” Says Horlick. Head

scarves and wraps grow ever popular with society’s celebrities and

convey elegance and sophistication. Scarves have the advantage of

flexibility in how they’re worn – around the neck.

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