Warrior Lockback Whittler

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Fable 3 Warrior Guide: How to Levelup Skills and Get Points for Powers

How to Levelup Skills and Get Points for the Powers:

Each time you kill a monster, it drops an experience orb. You MUST always collect those orbs either by running into them or press SHIFT to make them come to you. There are also, class points. If you use will, bow or sword, you will get different types of points for each type of class. But these ones really do not matter. Notice your experience pools going down, the points are not endless and as you progress the skills you want to upgrade will need more experience points.

Fable 3 Warrior Guide:

So you want to have incredible strength and powerful weapons.

The skills you should be based on are from the Strength area and the additional Skill. You will mostly need to level up each skill in the strength area to the maximum, but also the Speed skill from the Skill area. Speed makes you more quicker, allowing you to swing your weapon faster. As for the armors I suggest you use the Plate Armor set. Either evil,good or neutral there are no disadvantages between them. Only scariness and atractivity + some alignment changes.

As for the weapon. Getting the best weapon in-game is cheap and plain simple. Right after you finished the Arena, run to Bowerstone North and buy the Solus Sword, 314 damage, what else would you need?

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