Weapon Frog Hanger

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How to Use Weapon Mods in Fallout New Vegas

Weapon mods are very important in Fallout New Vegas. Here will show you how to use weapon mods in Fallout New Vegas. You can see Fallout New Vegas weapon mods list and some problems and fix about weapon mods.

Fallout New Vegas Weapon Mods List

Normal Weapons

The followling are the
Fallout New Vegas Weapons
Available Mod


9mm pistol

9mm pistol scope

9mm pistol extended mags

.44 magnum

.44 revolver heavy frame

10mm pistol

10mm pistol extended mags

10mm pistol laser sight

10mm pistol silencer


Assault Carbine

Assault carbine extended mags

Cowboy Repeater

Cby. Rep. Long Tube

Cby. Rep. Maple Stock

Cby. Rep. Custom Brass Plating

Hunting rifle

Hunting rifle scope

hunting rifle extended mags

hunting rifle custom action

Varmint Rifle

Varmint Rifle Extended Mags

Varmint Rifle Night Scope

Varmint Rifle Silencer

Service Rifle

Service Rifle Forged Receiver

Service rifle Custom Springs

Sniper rifle

Sniper Rifle Suppressor

Energy Weapons


Laser Rifle

Laser Rifle Focus Optics

Laser Rifle Beam Splitter

Laser Rifle Scope

Laser RCW

Laser RCW Recycler

Plasma Rifle

Plasma rifle mag accelerator


Plasma caster

Plasma Caster HS Electrode

Gatling Laser

Gat. Laser CF Frame



Grenade Rifle

Grenade Rifle Long Barrel

Fat Man

Fat Man Little Boy Kit

Fallout New Vegas Weapon Mods Problem and Solutions

Here are some comon problems and solutions about Fallout New Vegas Weapon Mods. I found them from yahoo answers. I think they are useful to use Fallout New Vegas Weapon Mods.

Problem 1:

How do I apply weapon mod's to my weapon in Fallout New Vegas?


You can apply weapon mods you've bought or collected at any time from the weapon list in your pip-boy. Highlight the weapon, and there should be a 'mod weapon' command available. I play on ps3 and it's the L2 button.

Selecting that will display available mods for that wepaon type provided you have a compatible one. For example you can't put a 9mm silencer on sniper rifle.

Problem 2:

How do i take weapon mods of of my weapons on fallout new vegas?


Once you put a weapon mod on a weapon, you can't take it off ever. Not sure why you would want to remove a weapon mod anyways, since they have no negative effects, they only make the weapon better.

Problem 3:

Fallout new vegas weapon mods dont work?


Did you equip the mods on the weapons? You have to actually equip the mods by pressing the Mod button as shown on the right side of the screen when highlighting the weapon. Note that you must have the matching weapon for the mod to be able to put on (can't put the pistol silencer mod on the varmint rifle).

Problem 4:

How do you put on a weapon mod in fallout new vegas?


You can apply appropriate weapon mods to compatible weapons directly in your weapon list in the pip-boy. Just select the weapon., there is a command to 'mod weapon', it will give you a list of compatible gun parts, then just select it to be applied.

They must be compatible parts.. for example I can't put a 9mm silencer on a sniper rifle.

I hope the article is useful to you.

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