Wesson Marlin Spike

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You'll Like the Bird Spike For Humanely Deterring Pest Birds

Pest birds can be a real nuisance, even if they don't "attack" your property in huge flocks. One by one, they poop on your patio, your boat, or your pool and spa, and before you know it, you're faced with a big annoying clean up job.

For property and facilities managers, the problems are bigger and more expensive. Pest birds can ruin expensive rooftop air conditioners, clutter solar panels and jam up security camera mechanisms. Pest birds and their droppings can also get into electrical boxes, insulators and terminals, causing fires and shutting down factories and offices. The solution? Bird Spikes.

For municipalities, pest birds can ruin entry monuments, statues, park playgrounds and other public buildings and facilities. The cost to clean up bird droppings, nests and other debris left by pest birds can be daunting and quickly drain city coffers of much needed funds. Finally restaurants have long regarded pest birds as a costly nuisance that can drive away business. Many have sought and gotten relief from pest birds by installing bird spikes.

Pest birds can also pose a significant health problem, since many have been known to carry as many as 60 diseases. These include everything from ornithosis to the potentially lethal West Nile Virus. The bird spike can keep the carriers of these diseases from your property.

A highly effective and humane pest bird deterrent, the simple bird spike won't allow birds to land. Birds can't get their wings and feet around the threatening looking spikes, and they just move on to easier perches. Recommended by building contractors, architects, and municipalities, the blunted spikes won't harm birds or people.

Bird spikes come in rows of spike strips and are available with long-life stainless steel spikes or rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate spikes. The poly spikes are usually priced lower than their steel counterparts and preferred in areas where electrical conductivity or radio interference pose a problem.

What many people like about bird spikes is that they are an effective deterrent against a wide range of bird species. They also won't get clogged up by entrapping most debris. Another key benefit of bird spikes is that they have been approved by almost every humane group in the world--including The Humane Society of the United States and PICAS.

Buying bird spike strips is easy. They typically come in 3-, 5- and 8-inch widths and two-foot sections. Installing bird spikes is easy. They can be glued down, nailed or screwed into most any surface. Many people like bird spikes because when they are installed on buildings, signs, and rooftops, the spikes are practically invisible from the ground. This makes them aesthetically pleasing for a growing number of applications.

Some manufacturers offer a Mega Spike. These huge spikes are ideal for keeping most large birds away. In other words, if you've been inundated by seagulls, cormorants, turkey vultures and raptors, this is the spike you need. Mega spikes are typically 7” high and fabricated of marine grade stainless steel so they'll last longer. Non-reflective spikes with a crush proof, non-reflective metal finish are best. One bird proof spike has a U.V.-protected polycarbonate base and can be bent to fit curved surfaces.

Another specialized spike is the Gutter Spike. It's also ideal for keeping large pest birds from landing--birds like seagulls, crows, and pigeons. But its major advantage is that it can keep these birds from nesting and clogging gutters or drains. Gutter spikes can typically be ordered in two-foot long strips. Some have adjustable clamps at the base so they can be conveniently attached to the lip of a gutter.

The best bird spikes have a flexible base. This means they will easily conform to curved areas, an ideal feature for many outdoor signs and other hard-to-cover areas. Before installing bird spikes, be sure to clean out the area. The surface should be dry and free of bird droppings and other nesting debris. When using glue to install the bird spikes, apply the glue generously onto the base of the spike (about 1/2-inch thick). For uneven surfaces, you'll need to apply more glue to ensure a firm seal. Be sure to press the base of the spike level with the edge of the surface. And remember to allow some overhang of the spike pins.

For best deterrent effect, close up the gaps between spike strips to less than two inches. Birds are clever and will find a way to sneak around the spikes. For really wide ledges, use three or more rows of spikes and make sure to limit the gap between rows to two inches or less. Pest birds will find the cavity behind a spike strip and sneak in, so be aware of this and install the spikes carefully.

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