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UPS - A True Savior Uninterruptible power supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies are like a parachute. You desperately hope that you never have to use one but when you do, you want it to work! Like parachutes, there are many types of UPS such as line-interactive, off-line, on-line double conversion, Digital On-line. But they all serve the purpose of protecting your system from crashing in the event of a power failure.

As stated above, there is a wide and ample variety of UPS technologies available, but deciding which technology is right for different and specific task can be difficult. UPS using on-line technology are better suited to serve in the central server and data centre, offering regulated output, efficiency and accessibility almost comparable with line-interactive types of UPS, tightly regulated output units, low reflected input data. Because of the advancement in power switch devices, this task becomes easier. Nowadays, on-line UPS are not only reaching pricing techniques with the line-interactive alternatives but also offering higher levels of performance. Applications and technology for off-line types and line interactive types UPS have slowly and constantly been changing for server and central applications. These technologies are falling out of the track mainly because of the long and delayed transfer time and poor mains regulations and efficiency which for modern computer applications is an unnecessary risk. The risks include stoppage, delays, data loss etc. As per the estimation, more than one-third of the direct as well as indirect energy (air conditioning units etc) which is used to provide power to an uninterruptible power supply is wasted due to low efficiency, attachment of unnecessary equipment and poor load arrangements.

Nowadays, for this low efficiency of UPS, a better type of UPS known as ECO UPS is available. A double conversion ECO UPS as compared to the traditional six and twelve pulse machines, offers an advantage of efficiency of more than 10 percent. The ECO UPS is efficient at low loads with different alternative UPS topologies. The efficiency goes down in proportion to the load which means low load = low efficiency = higher running cost. A common misconception is that a UPS is only needed in a mains fail situation and most of the time, it is sat there idle. This is not the case. A UPS protects your devices from surges, brown outs and other fluctuations in power. This is especially important when using sensitive devices such as telecoms equipments and networking equipment such as routers and switches. Theses days, UPS are designed in such a way that they can be kept inside as well as outside in adverse atmospheric conditions.

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