Western Cowboy Novelty

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American presidents and the western cowboy

Some interesting facts about cowboys are that they may play cards with people in drawing room, while they never have drink, either mint drinks. If they want to smoke, they only like pipe smoking and cigars, yet never smoke cigarettes. Besides, they are very conservative in matters of sex. Cowboy never shot in the back or the dark place, only in any possible way to kill or injure sentry guard unless they are captured. Independent, free, rebellious, straightforward, heroic, natural and unrestrained, as well as rigorous, intelligent, love adventure, brave and ambitious are the traditianal images of cowboy.

William Savage, a historian of American, said that it is hard to imagine, if do not have this image of cowboy, what will the American culture, whether the vulgar or elegant like to be? It is too hard to find another image to replace them. Spaceman, gunner and superman once made a noise in the world, but they all could not take the image of cowboy down. The spirit of cowboy suits the early American Portland spirit to a large extent.People are reluctant to leave the western cowboy culture. In my submission, that is a reaction that people self-examine and escape from the material age.

It is interesting that there is some kind of relation between American president and western cowboy or jeans. The former U.S. President Jimmy Carter ran for presidency wearing a pair of jeans in the race. After Carter president, a genuinely American cowboy boy Reagan ran for presidency too. The image of cowboy President shows a simple and unadorned presence of civilian politicians for him. Reagan is rated as the President of the United States who is richest in Americans temperament and star power. He turns to be an example followed by successors.

President Bush is a promoter of cowboy's image too. Mr. Bush spent a long time in Texas, where the cowboy culture is popular. Once he won support with a friendly image of cowboy President. Critics suspected that Mr Bush, who was the governor of Texas and a presidential candidate at that time, wanted a place to act the cowboy for the benefit of the press. Although he was ridiculed by some media as reckless a cowboy of Texas, but Bush did not care it at all. His favorite way to receive foreign leaders was invite them to his own ranch in Texas. He likes showing his pasture to his guest, even barbecues Texas steak for his guest personally.

Before long, the president Obama worn a pair of loose jeans to take part in the baseball all-star game at saint Louis. The fashion industry regards it as ‘mom jeans'. Obama said in his own defense, he hate shopping, and he thinks that these loose jeans are very comfortable. ‘I have to apologize for those who expect to see a in tight jeans handsome President', Obama said.

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