White Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Fitness Basics - Important Things You Need to Know

Tai chi is a mind-body exercise that develops flexibility, strength and balance. It is beneficial for improving circulation, losing body fat and developing self-awareness and discipline. Composed of gentle, fluid and flowing movements, tai chi channels energy in more effective and efficient ways throughout the body to promote overall health and wellness.What follows below are three basic tai chi exercises. While tai chi is low-impact and can be practiced by the young and old alike, it is always best to seek the advice of your doctor before embarking in it.Dan Yu (Sitting in the Waist)Position your feet 1?? shoulder widths from each other. Extend your toes slightly pointing out. Both feet should be kept flat on the floor as you do your routine. Sit back with your bottom as if sitting on a chair and slowly bend your knees. Your torso should be kept in an upright position. Push the knees to the side and slowly go down. The knees may move slightly forward but it should not go beyond the toes. Go low at a tolerable height. Never overstrain your muscles. As you reach the limits of your sit, extend your feet on the floor and return to upright position. Repeat the procedure as tolerated.Tor Yu (Spine Turning)While standing upright with your feet together, extend one foot out at 45 degrees. Move one step forward with your other foot. In tai chi long step, this is considered as the basic position. Keeping yourself in this basic position, bend your front leg and as you straighten your back leg. As you do this, make sure that your knee does not go beyond the foot. Push forward. Square your hips and adjust in such a way that they point the same direction with your navel. Push back by bending the back leg and straightening the front leg. The navel this time should be in the same direction as your hind foot. As you gain comfort in doing the leg movements, include the hands in the entire routine. Put your hands forward at chest level. Push back with hands crossed and move them straight down. The hands should be slightly away from the body as you do this. When you're tired of working your left side, proceed with the right side. Repeat procedure as tolerated.Pa Qua / Ba Gua SteppingStand straight with both feet at a 45-degree angle to each other. Try to maintain this angle for the entire duration of your routine. Move your right foot forward. Do not put too much weight on your right foot at this time yet. Just let it touch the ground. Roll off your left heel in such a manner that the heel is up and the ball of the foot is down. As you execute your roll slowly shift your weight to the right foot. Move you left foot forward. Roll off the heel in your right foot and this time slowly shift your weight on the left foot. Repeat as tolerated.

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