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Now Available – The Popular Diet Supplement Yellow Power for Fat Loss!

Yellow Power
is a brand new Ephedra-based diet supplement that is being offered online at Femnutrition.com. This is a new product that was made to replace the old Yellow Bullets, Yellow Swarm and Yellow Jackets supplements. This product will help anyone out with getting one’s body to feel more energetic and more likely to lose weight.

The key ingredients that Yellow Power uses are caffeine and a proprietary blend that features Ephedra. Each capsule of Yellow Power will contain 300 mg of caffeine. This is used to provide the body with plenty of energy.

Each capsule also contains a proprietary blend that features 25 mg of an Ephedra extract. This comes from the naturally occurring Ma Huang plant where Ephedra is known to come from. Extracts from bitter orange and the kola nut are also included to help provide some additional energy to the body.

The purpose of this blend is to assist the body with its need to lose weight. It works to increase the body’s heart rate to where it can burn off fats quickly and increase the body’s metabolic rate. This should make it easier for old abnormal fats to be burned off.

The caffeine will also be added as a means of giving the body the support it needs to work through critical physical workouts. This will make it so anyone can feel great without feeling tired after getting into a workout to lose weight.

It is not too difficult to get a proper dose ready. All a person needs is one capsule per day. Only one capsule is needed every twenty-four hours. A person can simply take this with water.

Also, this supplement is made with the intention of being used for up to twelve weeks at a time. This is use with a cooling off period to keep the body from being dependent on Yellow Power. Fortunately, a 100 capsule container of Yellow Power should be enough to handle this twelve week period.

The product is also useful for most women who are over the age of eighteen. It is not for those who are pregnant or for those who are taking medications that contain ephedrine.

The supplement is being made available for women at Femnutrition.com as a means of giving them a great choice for weight loss. This product can work along with a good diet and exercise plan to make it easier for any woman to burn off the fats that she might be having a tough time with losing.

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