Wood Inlay Stilleto

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Why do we love using wood in the home & kitchen so much?

Any room that incorporates wood flooring is generally described as being warm, homely and even cosy with the presence of the solid wood helping to turn a house into a home and especially if it is in the kitchen as this is usually seen as being the heart of the home.

Additionally wooden worktops have a great visual appeal that goes far beyond their function as mere kitchen work surfaces and the real value of an oak, walnut, or now very popular the
wenge worktops
, is how they manage to bring a soft & natural feel to what can now be often overly clean and even a clinical environment. Our close relationship with wood dates back to the dawn of civilisation and with a love for all things wood just makes it a natural choice for kitchens.

Wood is timeless & ageless - not many other single materials can be described as sleek & modern but also at the same time be rustic, antique & traditional. It has a versatility that just seems endless with people loving to hold it, stroke and touch wood. In our experience it is the first thing people seem to do when they first come into contact with their new solid wood worktops and even bend down to feel the grain in a solid wood floor!

So, can you have too much wood? For us the answer would be no! We have supplied and installed
solid oak kitchen worktops
to customers who have just had new handmade oak kitchen units fitted and then have those as well as
solid oak flooring
. For us that is slightly taking the love of wood one stage too too far but we love the sentiment and it isn't like woods clash!

Therefore we feel that it is not necessary to exactly match wooden furniture with the wooden worktops or to fit with wooden floors, as wood is a natural complimentary material so a few contrasting woods can work very well together and complimenting shades also work well - so a walnut worktop should work well with oak doors and then an maybe exotic wood such as Iroko for the flooring.

When you add up furniture, kitchen furnishings, doors and flooring, it is very easy to see why we love wood so much!

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