Zipper Guthook Game

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Thousands of patterns for your Flash arcade game

One of the most successful arcade of all times is Bubble Bobble.

Besides the awesome gameplay, one of its features that made it a successful game was its cute graphic design.

If you look at the picture, every level is made by a just a black screen with some platforms, but the patterns filling these platforms give the game an interesting look.

The following is a list of sites that offers patterns I think you can find useful for your next Flash arcade game.

Remember to check the license before using one of them for commercial use - free Photoshop patterns - more than 150 pixel patterns - some interesting big patterns that can be used as backgrounds - online tool to create your own pattern - about one thousand patterns searchables by color and theme - more than 50 resources for pixel patterns - a lot of tiny pixel patterns - patterns for non commercial use only - design your own tile or choose one from the gallery - more than 250 patterns - pattern fonts, very “Game Boy” look - thousands of patterns - some black/white pixel patterns - pattern files for Photoshop - online tool to create your own striped pattern

If you know more, just let me know.


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